Local and Interstate Storage Services from Our Moving Company

The goal of our moving company is to exceed your expectations. That is why we also offer private storage services. With state-of-the-art technology, we scan and track every box, file and magnetic tape. With us, you save money and work more efficiently. So if you need a professional moving and storage company in Calgary that offers local and interstate services.

Secure and affordable warehouses in Calgary

We have limited access buildings with storage space. No one except you and our trained records management staff will have access to your records and belongings stored in these facilities. Also our warehouses provide many fire and theft prevention features. They meet every local building code for safety and fire suppression. We keep every building clean, well maintained and we’ll even provide packing services for all our clients.

In most cases, our movers in Calgary and nearby areas will pick up your office furniture, equipment, computers, trade show materials, industrial machinery, records and other items you want stored in our warehouses for a low price.

In summary, there are four major reasons to use us our storage services, apart moving and transportation. We provide:

  • Customer-first service. The goal is always to exceed our clients’ expectations on quality;
  • Advanced records management equipment. Safety is primary;
  • Trained experience staff. Our staff is continually trained in the latest storage technology, procedures and best practices;
  • Modern, secure housing within safe houses;

We are committed to the protection of your vital information and personal belongings.

What can we store?

Records management clients enjoy proven solutions, leading technology, cost-saving storage options and a vendor with the highest quality service and ethical standards. Ultimately, we want to partner with your organization to enhance your processes, lower costs and increase your bottom line.

Your business can use off-site, secure document storage as an extension of your active file room or for long-term archiving of your records or documents to free up valuable office space. It’s a perfect solutions for both small and large companies, including accounting firms, architectural firms, banks, brokerages, hospitals and other medical facilities, law offices, and other organizations.

In addition, we provide private storage vaults for short or long-term storage of unused office furniture and office equipment. Our high-quality wood storage vaults protect your items from damage due to climate-related factors such as humidity and frost as well as other harmful environmental factors such as theft, insects, or forklift damage.

We pride ourselves on offering affordable solutions to our customers, and our storage options are no different. Self-storage in our secure vaults is designed to be an affordable way to store and protect your prized furniture, appliances, instruments, electronics, collectibles, artwork, photos, and documents.

By the way, if you need to move your company locally or at a long distance in Calgary, neighborhoods and between states, our commercial movers are always to help. With years of experience and the right supplies and equipment, our moving company is here to help you reduce stress during the moving process.

While you keep running your business and handling your clients, our team of moving experts will handle all the hard lifting. Look at how our professional movers and moving assistants can carefully help you achieve an efficient, money-saving relocation.