Budget-Friendly and Convenient Commercial Moving Services

Our company provides all kinds of moving services, including full-fledged and turnkey packaging, logistics and transportation for businesses. It is called commercial moving services. Our expert team of assistants and managers helps people to solve daily tasks involving the relocation of offices and businesses. Pick Calgary office movers from our company to make the process of office transportation as quick and affordable as possible.

We cover the most required commercial moving services in the industry

We understand that moving your business can be a time-consuming and nerve-breaking occupation. Our company offers a full circle of complete corporate moving services for all areas in Calgary, nearby areas, between the regions in Canada and outside the country.

We gladly accept the challenge of moving your office, library or IT center across the hall or across town. In any scenario our movers and managers will ensure that your move is handled quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, minimizing your downtime. As local and interstate relocation experts, we take the pressure off by professionally coordinating and executing every aspect of your office move and let you run your business free of stress.

Business moving

Our range of business moving services covers:

  • Inter-office moves – we know how to transport equipment and furniture within office buildings in the Calgary area and we understand the requirements of building managers;
  • Modular furniture/cubicle moving – our installers will take the time to make sure that modular furniture is properly leveled after installation;
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture, shelves, and electronics;
  • Reconfiguration and removal of cubicles;
  • Wall mounting services;

As you may have noticed our movers have a complete inventory of professional moving equipment, from four-wheel dollies, special steel dollies, library carts, spider cranes and building protection supplies such as floor protection, plastic carpet film for stairs and 4-inch foam wall protection. We incorporate these items with our strict policy of doing things the right way.

Benefits of choosing our company for commercial moving services

  • We get the job done right, on-time, so your business is up and running when it’s supposed to be with no unexpected downtime;
  • When working with us, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises and unexpected change orders or surcharges the other companies didn’t tell you about;
  • You won’t experience any losses to your physical assets or intellectual property to maximize your security and productivity;
  • We provide the full staffing and equipment your job requires, every time, so we keep our commitments to you (and you keep your commitments to your team);

Moving a business is more complicated than moving a house, but professional Calgary office movers know how to do this. As an experienced moving company, we know how much effort and care it takes to organize every detail of a commercial move. Our company provides expert help via a variety of services, but commercial relocations are one of our specialties. Feel free to contact us if you need to remove or relocate your office.