Piano Moving Services Made by Professionals


To transport such heavy objects as a piano is a complicated task even for professional movers. For this service to a truck and load it can be sometimes a very challenging job. Our movers help with the non-trivial engineering solutions are required, since the weight of a piano can be from 450 kg to 1200 kg. It’s necessary to select necessary supplies, vehicles and qualified staff.

Miscalculations at any stage of transportation of a piano or safe may result in significant financial losses. Ourcompany successfully transported thousands of tons of various cargos in Calgary, neighborhoods and between states. So, we can safely relocate your piano or any other heavy cargo for short and long distances.

How do we relocate pianos?

One of the main specs of our professional moving company in Calgary is a secure transportation and qualified movement of pianos, fireproof safes, and deposit safes. To successfully move a piano, a certain set of special equipment and trained staff are required. We always take into account that occasionally pianos have to be transported through narrow doorways or narrow staircases. Our guys are very skillful to prevent scratches the floor or damaging the doorways.

When fulfilling the task for a piano delivery, we follow such steps:

  • Disassembling of a piano if necessary;
  • We prepare certain tools for piano moving – in addition to classic belts, we also apply jacks and hydraulic carts.
  • After a correct implementation of two previous steps, we move a piano to the truck without any complications;
  • The transported piano must be fixed in a truck to prevent it from moving in a moving vehicle;
  • Installation of the piano in a new location;
piano movers
piano movers

For the successful and careful transportation of musical instruments, like a piano, grand piano or harp, movers have to be specifically qualified. For example, a piano has fragile legs, and the upper part is very heavy. So, it is necessary to have certain skills to maintain the balance of the instrument during the whole moving process. Our assistant will help to estimate the cost by phone or email.

Otherwise, expensive repairs are inevitable after an unprofessional piano delivery. Harp or any similar musical instrument won’t survive any blows, because it’s necessary to transport them especially carefully. We provide safety during the relocation.

The price in Calgary depends on many factors, so please call us before ordering such type of transportation. In any case, piano won’t drain your budget.